To design products that are better for the current world and future generations. Products with lower environmental impacts are better for people, better for business, easier to sell, service and re-utilize at the end-of-life.


The product's complete lifecycle is analyzed using LCA. Is the product sustainable? Where are the "hot spots" causing the most damage? A sensitivity analysis then determines which areas to target in the design phase. Design only where it matters!

Finally new product design and business models are designed to create products that are sturdier, safer, healthier and easier to sell.



1. Create a systems map

2. Perform Life cycle analysis (LCA) on entire system

3. Perform sensitivity analysis on LCA (to answer: what levers to pull to lower environmental impact)

4. Choose focus areas: materials, energy, system services...or all of them

5. Brainstorm solutions

6. Perform LCA on solutions

7. Design the best solutions

How sustainable are your products really?
Let us find out and improve where needed!
Design for sustainability and circularity

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