Sustainability Frameworks
Want to apply professional sustainability frameworks to your products and company?

There are many sustainability frameworks and processes available in the world today. Most of them are tailored toward specific types of industries, products or services. Some focus mainly on materials, while others include social and cultural aspects as well. Some suit the clothing industry while others are specifically for electronic equipment.



I can help your company define your sustainability goals and find and apply the right framework or process for you.


  • The Living Principles 

  • The Natural Step 

  • The Living Product Challenge


  • Whole Systems Design 

  • Lifecycle Assessments LCA 

  • Biomimetic Design

  • and more...



You company will follow a structured process to have your products and services analyzed, evaluated and improved. The end result will be:


  • sturdier products, that are resilient to external changes in the market

  • A stronger company -  prepared to take on the environmntal requirements of tomorrow

  • A better, safer and cleaner global environment




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